The Momma’s Family

My previous post. “The Momma,” was meant to be an introduction to who I am. To allow others to get a feel of Nichole. It’s a total of two sentences long and mentions my age as the only real fact about me. Turns out, I am not so great at writing about myself. So, instead of painfully attempting to construct some type of biography, I thought the true way to learn who Nichole is, is by knowing my family. They are everything I care about and everything that makes me crazy!

DSC_1155My oldest daughter, Bentleigh, will be six in February. Just saying that out loud makes me feel so old. She is a lot like me- quiet, thoughtful, and a complete and total goofball. She is currently home schooled and will finish Kindergarten in June. She is so smart. Everyday surprises me with how quickly she learns and how well she retains information. I am so thankful to witness and encourage her learning process everyday. She works really hard at school, but if you ask her favorite thing to do, her answer will surely be gymnastics. She is the most eager girl to meet new friends and even asked for her fourth birthday to have a party at the park and invite kids she doesn’t know- just to make new friends. As she is getting older, she is growing out of her shyness and will actually talk to the kids she is so eager to become friends with. She is a Daisy Girl Scout (which makes me C0-leader Momma…. yikes!) who now raises her hand to say the Pledge of Allegiance in front of the entire troop. She believes in fairies and mermaids. She is a nurturer to her little sister and will actually apologize to me when Austyn has a tantrum. She just melts me.

DSC_1145Austyn is my tenacious three year old. She is every bit of her Daddy. The definition of non-stop, not taking no for an answer, her way or the highway kinda toddler. I recently saw a pin on pinterest that said, “My three year old is a walking talking middle finger” and nearly spit out my coffee. At the same time, she is the sweetest cuddle bug who is the first to bring anyone a stuffed animal to hug when they are sad, or to ask for some “lovins.” Her heart is pure gold and encourages me everyday to help her work through her anger management.



DSC_0157Jason. Those of my friends and family reading this will understand when I say that he needs no explanation. He and I are the definition of opposites attracting. He has a huge sense of humor that most often comes to the rescue when I need it most. I am so proud to be married to someone who is aware of his strengths and desires to improve his weaknesses. He is a caretaker and always looks to help those in need. If you see his signature yellow Jeep on the side of the road, it is probably because he has stopped to help someone else. He is a man of faith, not afraid to lean on God when we need his guidance. While this current adventure has us on a road that is a bit bumpier than we anticipated, there is no one else I’d rather enjoy the ride with. And besides all that, he makes a really handsome cowboy, right?


Before anything, I am a mother and a wife. Being a mother means a lot of things. I am a caretaker, a chef (or more accurately a cranky diner waitress sans cigarette), a taxi service, boo boo repair woman, a teacher, and practically a barista with how much coffee I make daily. Although most days are exhausting- I am NOT one to pretend like parenting is easy, a wise woman told me that if it is easy, you’re doing it wrong- I would not change one single thing. I know that Jason and I are together for a reason. We are stronger together than apart and I know that I am helping him triumph everyday, just as he helps me to become the best version of myself. Lord knows, I am far from perfect. I am crazy forgetful, and my closest friends will tell you that I can take upwards of a week to answer a text. However, Ill drop everything to help someone in need and I am giving to a fault. I tend to sugar coat and bite my tongue way too much. That may not seem like a problem, but it usually bites me in the butt so I am attempting to be a bit more blunt- even when it isn’t easy. And obviously, I am an adventurer. I mean, first of all, you gotta be a little bit crazy to move into a motor home with 2 kids, a husband, and a great dane- the math alone just spells out crazy. However, we are working hard to make our time living here successful. To make it worth something. To make our girls life the best it possibly can be. Honestly, there has not been one argument or instance where either one of us wanted to throw in the towel. Our goals are too big to just watch slip away. So, that’s who I am. A motivated, determined, and real Momma and Wife. I hope that by sharing our story as it continues to unfold, the good and the bad, I can have a positive impact on someone else.





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