1. Julie

    You are amazing! I’ve wanted to look into it more, but I do get overwhelmed at the thought of it all being up to me! My kids seem to like school 90% of the time. Then there are the times when they pick up a bad habit from a kid at school or get all the germs in the world, or I feel like they’re not being pushed like they can be (we do a lot at home too though).
    I also want to enjoy life more with them. Travel more, more activities that aren’t only on the weekends. It’s a huge commitment and I’m not sure if I’m cut out for it, but I do love reading all your blogs and learning more!!
    So, thank you for doing this!! ?

    • themotorhomemomma

      THANK YOU!!!!! You have no idea how a comment like this helps and encourages me! You’re so right, it is an overwhelming thought. Especially because you already see what your kids complete at school and what you’d be taking on. Trust your gut. Its always right. AND, the traveling and “doing” part is such a huge plus. We are camping and going places so often. I am able to be more involved with her Girl Scouts and things like that because our schedule is more flexible (not necessarily more open, lol). If it is something you want to explore, maybe start with your littlest and see how you feel? That way you’re not uprooted and the other two being in school will allow you to ease into it- it was such a simpler process when I was only homeschooling Bentleigh. Austyn starting school too has been another adjustment.
      Thank you again for your encouragement!

  2. I homeschooled my two youngest, the older for one year and the younger for five. In those days it was still pretty unusual, but what a fun time we had. The freedom and flexibility allowed us to volunteer at a local park doing their preschool “Nature Detectives” program. My daughter dressed up like a snow goose to do a program on bird migration and like an Indian squaw with a pappoose on her back for a program on native Americans. We used to get the “what about socialization” question all the time. My response? “Isn’t that an argument in favor of home schooling?” I started a drama club and we performed at the Folger Shakespeare Theater during their school performances program. One of our thespians ended up on the cover of one of their fundraising brochures. Home schooling is a great adventure! Lots of work, but lots of fun as well.

  3. imperfectlyperfectmamablog

    Love this! I am so proud of you for pushing through! It can be hard not to doubt yourself when people question your choices. I think it is great! Thank you for sharing your experiences!!

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